Micro-Cult Okanagan Sunset Octane

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TL;DR: Tropical blast & creative fuel! This sativa-dominant flower (22-30% THC) offers uplifting energy with tangy citrus, spicy vanilla, and a vibrant aroma. Perfect for adventures and creative pursuits!

Ready to ignite your day? Micro Cult’s Sunset Octane flower explodes with a flavor and aroma that’s both invigorating and delightful. This sativa-dominant strain, boasting a THC range of 22% to 30%, is a powerful blend of Sunset Sherb and High Octane OG BX3.

Imagine a wave of tropical citrus washing over your senses, followed by subtle hints of spicy vanilla and diesel. That’s the magic of Sunset Octane! Each beautifully crafted bud boasts tight, dusty green nugs adorned with glistening amber trichomes, offering a feast for the eyes and the nose.

Fuel Your Adventures:

The uplifting energy of Sunset Octane makes it the ideal companion for a variety of activities:

Embrace the outdoors: Hike a mountain trail, bike through nature, or simply soak up the sunshine – Sunset Octane enhances your connection with the environment.
Unleash your creativity: Let the inspiration flow as you paint, write, or delve into any creative pursuit.
Fun in the sun: Pack a picnic basket and head to the park! Sunset Octane adds a delightful twist to your outdoor adventures.
Why Choose Craft Greenery?

At Craft Greenery, we partner with trusted cultivators like Micro Cult to bring you premium cannabis products like Sunset Octane. This ensures you experience the full spectrum of this strain’s uplifting effects and remarkable flavor profile.

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Micro-Cult Okanagan Sunset Octane
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