Craft Greenery Bundles: Unwrap the Ultimate Cannabis Experience

Craft Greenery’s monthly subscription bundles are the perfect way to discover the ultimate cannabis experience, delivered right to your doorstep every month. It’s not just a bundle; it’s the gift of Greenery. Whether you’re an explorer, a connoisseur, or someone in between, our carefully curated subscription bundles are designed to elevate your cannabis journey.

Choose Your Level, Craft Your Experience

With Craft Greenery Bundles, you have the freedom to choose the tier that suits your preferences. From beginners taking their first steps into the world of cannabis to seasoned connoisseurs seeking the finest, we’ve got a tier for everyone. Each month, our subscription bundles introduce you to a thoughtfully selected array of cannabis products, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

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For The Novice

The Discovery Bundle

Your Gateway to the World of Cannabis

The Discovery Bundle is designed for beginners and explorers eager to embark on their cannabis journey. This introductory bundle offers a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse array of cannabis products available. It includes a thoughtfully curated selection that ensures a well-rounded, enjoyable experience – ideal for those taking their first steps into the world of cannabis.

By exploring the Discovery Bundle, you’ll unlock the door to the fascinating realm of cannabis, perfect for beginners and those looking to explore the myriad possibilities of cannabis products.

Your Gateway to Cannabis Exploration

Designed to introduce beginners to the world of cannabis, our Budding Curiosity tier offers an expertly crafted selection of products that provide a gentle initiation to the cannabis experience. Explore a variety of products, each carefully chosen to encompass different forms and experiences, helping you uncover your cannabis preferences.

Explore Deeper, Find Your Go-To

For those ready to delve deeper into the cannabis world, our Finding Favorites tier is your personal guide to cannabis exploration. It offers a wider range of products to help you discover your preferences. This tier acts as your compass, leading you through diverse options, and assisting you in finding your favorite cannabis products.

For The Knowledgeable

The preference Bundle

The Preference Bundle for Moderates

Tailored for moderate users who have a good sense of their cannabis preferences, the Preference Bundle offers a personalized selection of products based on your tastes. We thoughtfully consider your preferences to create a bundle that enhances your cannabis journey. It’s all about exploring and enjoying your favorite products on your terms.

Tailored Cannabis Experience

Tailoring your cannabis experience to your preferences, our Personalized Picks tier offers a selection of products curated just for you. Based on your tastes, we handpick products that complement your journey, ensuring each bundle enhances your cannabis exploration.

Diverse Cannabis Experiences

Expand your horizons with Enhanced Exploration. If you know what you like but seek variety, this bundle is your gateway to new and exciting options. Let us know your preferred product types, and we’ll craft a bundle that introduces you to diverse strains and experiences, helping you explore beyond your comfort zone.

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