Rosebud Cannabis Farms Lavendar & Lemongrass scented Salve

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Introducing a soothing and aromatic lavender-lemongrass scented topical, meticulously handcrafted by Rosebud Cannabis Farms, now available at Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver. This product is an exemplar of artisanal quality, made in small batches to ensure the highest level of care and consistency.

The topical is created using a unique solventless whole-flower extraction method, utilizing the proprietary strain, Sara’s Secret. This approach ensures a pure and potent product, capturing the essence of the strain in its most natural form. Sara’s Secret is sungrown, ensuring that each batch benefits from the nurturing power of nature, free from synthetic additives.

Rosebud Cannabis Farms, nestled in the Kootenays, is renowned for its commitment to regenerative farming practices. By eschewing fertilizers and implementing companion planting, they cultivate cannabis that is not only high in quality but also environmentally responsible.

This lavender-lemongrass scented topical is ideal for those seeking a natural and therapeutic cannabis product. Its delightful scent and the careful cultivation of its ingredients make it a standout choice for topical cannabis applications.

Explore the exceptional quality and soothing properties of this lavender-lemongrass topical at Craft Greenery Cannabis. Our collection includes a variety of cannabis products from Rosebud Cannabis Farms, where the focus is on sustainable, regenerative farming and artisanal craftsmanship.

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