Simply Bare BC Organic Blue Dream Pre-roll

Strain Type:Hybrid
Region:Greater Vancouver
Scent Category:Earth, Fruit


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Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver is delighted to offer a premium selection of the sativa-dominant Blue Dream, a high-THC strain revered for its exceptional quality and organic cultivation. This strain is a testament to the art of organic cannabis cultivation, ideal for enthusiasts seeking both potency and purity in their cannabis experience.

Blue Dream, stands out with its FVOPA Organic Certified whole flower, ensuring that every part of the plant meets the highest organic standards. The result is a cleaner, more natural product that delivers an uncompromised experience. This strain’s strong blueberry aroma is instantly recognizable and immensely appealing, capturing the essence of ripe, juicy berries.

The terpene profile of Blue Dream, is as warm and inviting as its aroma, with a peppery undertone that adds depth and complexity to the overall experience. Grown in living soil, this strain benefits from a rich and diverse microbial ecosystem, enhancing the natural flavors and aromas of the cannabis.

Each bud is carefully hang-dried for 14 days and then cold-cured, a process that preserves the terpenes and cannabinoids, ensuring a potent and flavorful smoke. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in the quality of the final product.

Blue Dream pre-rolls are made from single strain, whole bud that is milled to perfection. Rolled in 100% organic hemp papers and finished by hand, these pre-rolls offer a pure and satisfying smoking experience.

Explore the rich, organic world of Blue Dream at Craft Greenery Cannabis. Our selection is dedicated to providing high-quality, organically grown cannabis products that cater to the discerning tastes of our customers.

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Simply Bare BC Organic Blue Dream Pre-roll

Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Earth, Fruit

Region: Greater Vancouver