Simply Bare Layer J Infused Pre-roll

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
Region:Greater Vancouver
Scent Category:Earth, Fuel


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Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver is excited to showcase the Simply Bare Layer J, a revolutionary concept in the world of infused pre-rolls. This unique offering redefines the pre-roll experience by ingeniously combining two distinct cultivars in a single product.

In each Layer J, the bottom section is thoughtfully filled with a blend of milled whole flower and hash from one cultivar, creating a robust foundation. The top section complements this with its own character, featuring a mix of rosin and milled whole flower from a different cultivar. This dual-layer approach ensures a smoke that is both complex and harmoniously balanced.

Handpicked for their complementary profiles, each cultivar combination is curated to deliver an unrivaled smoking experience. The result is a pre-roll that tantalizes the palate with melt-in-your-mouth flavors, distinguishing itself from the ordinary.

With a commitment to variety and discovery, Simply Bare offers rotating cultivar combinations, inviting cannabis enthusiasts to explore a spectrum of unique tastes and aromas. Each Layer J pre-roll is not just a product but an invitation to indulge in a sophisticated and flavorful journey.

Available at Craft Greenery Cannabis, the Simply Bare Layer J stands out as a symbol of innovation and quality, perfect for those who seek an exceptional and memorable cannabis experience.

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Simply Bare Layer J Infused Pre-roll

Type: Indica-Dominant

Scent Category: Earth, Fuel

Region: Greater Vancouver