Cake & Caviar By Habitat Organic Waffle Bites

Strain Type:Sativa-Dominant
Region:Thompson Okanagan
Scent Category:Confection, Earth


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Indulge in the finest with Cake & Caviar’s Waffle Bites, a 14g bag of certified organic cannabis flower that redefines premium quality. These exquisite buds are cultivated in the nutrient-rich waters of Habitat’s aquaponics system, ensuring you experience cannabis at its purest.

Waffle Bites traces its lineage back to the legendary Sour Diesel, a strain renowned for its potency and unique terpene profile. This cannabis flower carries an aroma that will tantalize your senses, reminiscent of buttery waffles complemented by subtle notes of fruit and funky cream cheese. Through the ingenious crossbreeding of Cake and Sour OG, Cake & Caviar has expertly combined sweet and savory profiles, guaranteeing a taste experience like no other.

Dominant terpenes, including Myrcene, Farnesene, and Caryophyllene, contribute to the distinctive aroma and flavor of Waffle Bites. These terpenes not only enhance the sensory delight but also offer potential therapeutic benefits.

Discover the luxury of Cake & Caviar’s Waffle Bites Cannabis Flower in a generous 14g bag. Immerse yourself in a world of organic, flavorful, and aromatic cannabis that reflects the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship.

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Cake & Caviar By Habitat Organic Waffle Bites

Type: Sativa-Dominant

Scent Category: Confection, Earth

Region: Thompson Okanagan