Zyre Recline 1.0 Blueberry Pie Cured Resin Blend Cartridge

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
Region:Greater Vancouver
Scent Category:Confection, Fruit


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TL;DR: Embrace the serene embrace of Recline by Zyre, blending BC Blue Dream with fruit flavors in advanced Zirconia carts for a smooth, sedative journey that soothes both mind and body.

Zyre’s Recline marries the beloved BC-grown Blue Dream resin and distillate with natural fruit flavors, all contained in superior Zirconia all-ceramic cartridges. This Asian-Canadian woman-owned brand exemplifies the pinnacle of cannabis innovation, using low-temp hydrocarbon extraction to preserve the integrity and full spectrum of the cannabis plant. Recline is specially formulated to offer a gentle, soothing experience that’s easy on the throat, enhancing the senses and promoting a state of calm and relaxation.

Recline by Zyre is designed for those moments when relaxation is paramount. Its blend is perfect for unwinding after a long day, facilitating a peaceful transition into relaxation or sleep. Whether you’re looking to soften the edges of the day or seeking a tranquil escape, Recline provides a harmonious balance that gently lulls the mind and body into a state of serene contentment.

Recommended Activity: Recline is ideally suited for quiet evenings at home, meditation sessions, or preparing for a restful night’s sleep. Its sedative effects make it a wonderful companion for reading, listening to soft music, or any activity that invites relaxation and introspection. Available at Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver, Recline is your gateway to a peaceful, restorative experience.

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Zyre Recline 1.0 Blueberry Pie Cured Resin Blend Cartridge

Type: Indica-Dominant

Scent Category: Confection, Fruit

Region: Greater Vancouver