Solei Mango Passionfruit

Strain Type:Hybrid
Scent Category:Fruit


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TL;DR: Dive into tropical bliss with Solei Mango Passionfruit CBD! This sparkling beverage bursts with real fruit flavors and is infused with 25mg of relaxing CBD. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a refreshing anytime treat.

Craving a Taste of Paradise?

Reach for a Solei Mango Passionfruit CBD beverage and escape to a world of tropical delight. This sparkling drink features a vibrant blend of real mango and passionfruit flavors, perfectly complemented by a touch of relaxing CBD.

Recommended Activities:

Unwind and embrace the refreshing taste of paradise with Solei Mango Passionfruit CBD. Kick back and relax after a busy day with a can, letting the bright tropical flavors and calming CBD effects ease your mind and soothe your soul. Take it poolside for an elevated experience – the delicious taste and calming effects are the perfect companions for soaking up the sun and cooling off with a refreshing sip. Enjoy Solei Mango Passionfruit CBD alongside friends or family for a unique twist on your usual beverages. The light, sparkling character and delicious flavors make it a crowd-pleaser, perfect for adding a touch of tropical relaxation to social gatherings.

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Solei Mango Passionfruit

Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Fruit

Region: Ontario