The BC Bud Co Mosambi Live Hash Rosin Infused Pre-rolls

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TL;DR: Mosambi’s a blast of sweet citrus that uplifts your mood! This BC-made, single-strain rosin offers a pure, solvent-free experience, perfect for active fun with friends. (Outdoor-grown)

Island Sweetness in Every Puff:

Looking for an uplifting and social cannabis experience? Mosambi Live Hash Rosin from The BC Bud Co. has you covered. This handcrafted concentrate is made with outdoor-grown flowers from Vancouver Island, capturing the essence of Mosambi – a cross between DJ Short’s True Blueberry and Chemdawg 91. Get ready for a rich, fruity aroma followed by a smooth, flavorful smoke bursting with sweet citrus.

Active Adventures with Friends:

Mosambi’s uplifting effects are ideal for active fun with friends.

Hit the Trails: Spark up a Mosambi pre-roll before a hike or bike ride. The invigorating effects and sweet citrus aroma will elevate your mood and keep you energized for your outdoor adventure.
Social Gatherings: Share Mosambi with friends and elevate your next social gathering. The uplifting effects and vibrant citrus scent create a perfect atmosphere for laughter and lively conversation.

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