Sweetgrass Organic Cannabis Crushed Velvet Pre-rolls

Strain Type:Hybrid
Region:Kootenay Boundary
Scent Category:Confection, Fruit


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TL;DR: Social butterfly vibes! This balanced hybrid (28-31% THC) offers sweet citrus, sourness & a hint of dank with a social high. Perfect for gatherings, picnics, or beach days!

Sweet citrus & social vibes? Crushed Velvet, a Sweetgrass award winner (2023 Rosebud Bowl), is your answer! This balanced hybrid boasts a complex aroma of citrus, cherry, cranberry, and even a hint of savory goodness. The taste follows suit, with a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and a touch of dank.

Imagine the sweet aroma of citrus intertwined with hints of cherry and cranberry, all with a touch of unexpected savoriness. That’s Crushed Velvet! This potent strain (28-31% THC) offers a well-rounded high that’s perfect for social settings.

Spark Up & Connect:

Gather with friends: Share Crushed Velvet with friends and enjoy a relaxed and social atmosphere.
Outdoor adventures: Take Crushed Velvet on your next picnic or beach outing – its balanced effects enhance the experience.

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Sweetgrass Organic Cannabis Crushed Velvet Pre-rolls

Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Confection, Fruit

Region: Kootenay Boundary