Micro-Cult Okanagan Sunset Octane

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
Region:Thompson Okanagan
Scent Category:Fuel


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TL;DR: Energize your mornings with Micro-Cult’s Sunset Octane. This Indica-Dominant hybrid packs a potent punch of sweet, tangy tropical citrus with spicy vanilla and diesel notes. Get ready to feel uplifted, creatively inspired, and giggly – perfect for an active start to your day.

Kickstart your day with the vibrant and flavorful Sunset Octane from Micro-Cult. This indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between Sunset Sherb and High Octane OG BX3, delivers a delightful burst of sweet and tangy tropical citrus, complemented by spicy vanilla and diesel undertones. The aroma mirrors its taste, with a spicy diesel overtone enriched by sweet vanilla and earthy spices.

Recommended Activity: Start your morning with a creative project, a lively social gathering, or an invigorating outdoor activity. Sunset Octane’s uplifting effects make it perfect for enhancing your mood and energy levels, helping you tackle the day with a smile. Just be ready for a potential nap as the high winds down!

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Micro-Cult Okanagan Sunset Octane
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Type: Indica-Dominant

Scent Category: Fuel

Region: Thompson Okanagan