StoneGrove Gumi

Strain Type:Hybrid
Region:Vancouver Island
Scent Category:Floral, Fruit


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TL;DR: Experience the marvel of modern breeding with Stonegrove’s Gumi. This complex hybrid, born from a fusion of Strawberry Fritter, Zonuts, Zkittlez, Acai Berry Gelato, and Seattle Soda, offers a flavor journey like no other. Expect a symphony of sharp pink citrus, soapy grape, floral berry, and a hint of gas in every puff. Flavor enthusiasts, rejoice!

Crafted with precision and passion, Gumi embodies the essence of contemporary cannabis breeding, delivering a sensory delight with every inhale. Get ready to indulge in a flavor-packed experience that transcends expectations and elevates your cannabis journey to new heights.

Recommended Activity: Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of Gumi and elevate your sensory experience. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or embarking on a creative endeavor, let the rich and diverse flavor profile of Gumi inspire your moments of relaxation and creativity. Embrace the artistry of flavor with Gumi by Stonegrove.

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Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Floral, Fruit

Region: Vancouver Island