Spinach Strawberry Kiwi 5:1 CBD+THC Sourz Gummies

Strain Type:Hybrid
Scent Category:Fruit


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TL;DR: Spinach’s Strawberry Kiwi 5:1 CBD:THC SOURZ gummies offer a delightful mix of strawberry and kiwi flavors, enhanced with a sour twist. Each chew contains 5mg CBD and 1mg THC, perfect for a balanced experience. Enjoy the all-natural taste with 10 pieces per pack, totaling 50mg CBD and 10mg THC.

Dive into the sweet and tangy world of Strawberry Kiwi 5:1 CBD:THC SOURZ gummies by Spinach. These dual-flavored soft chews are a taste sensation, combining the lusciousness of strawberries with the exotic zest of kiwi, all while being blasted with sour crystals for an extra kick. Crafted with natural flavors, each gummy promises a deliciously sour journey that’s as enjoyable as it is memorable. With each piece infused with 5mg of CBD and 1mg of THC, this product offers a harmonious balance between CBD’s calming effects and THC’s gentle euphoria.

This pack from Spinach is not just about great flavors; it’s about providing a measured, enjoyable experience. With 10 pieces per pack, consumers receive a total of 50mg CBD and 10mg THC, making it easy to manage dosage and effects. Whether you’re new to cannabis or looking for a mild, balanced experience, these gummies are designed to deliver satisfaction and wellness in every bite.

Recommended Activity: Strawberry Kiwi 5:1 CBD:THC SOURZ gummies are perfect for enhancing moments of relaxation or adding a gentle uplift to your day. Whether you’re unwinding with a book, enjoying a peaceful walk, or spending time with friends, these gummies blend seamlessly into any activity, providing a subtle, enjoyable boost. Available at Craft Greenery Cannabis, they’re your ticket to a sweet, sour, and splendidly balanced cannabis experience.

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Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Fruit

Region: Ontario