Shred’ems Pop! Cola Chaos Gummies

Strain Type:Hybrid
Scent Category:Confection, Earth


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Indulge in the familiar and beloved taste of classic cola with SHRED’ems gummies, a delightful treat now available at Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver. These sugar-coated gummies capture the essence of your favorite cola, offering a nostalgic and enjoyable cannabis experience.

Each gummy contains 2.5mg of THC, delivering a manageable and pleasant dose that makes these gummies suitable for both new and experienced cannabis users. Bursting with the classic cola flavor, these bites are a perfect fusion of a much-loved taste with the benefits of THC, providing a unique and enjoyable way to consume cannabis.

The entire lineup of SHRED’ems gummies, including these classic cola-flavored ones, is vegan-friendly and made with all-natural flavors. This commitment to quality ingredients ensures that you’re enjoying a product that’s not only tasty but also aligns with health-conscious and ethical choices.

Each pack of SHRED’ems classic cola gummies contains 4 squishable pieces, totaling 10mg THC per pack. This makes it easy to control your dosage and enjoy the gummies according to your personal preference and tolerance.

Explore the classic and delightful taste of SHRED’ems classic cola flavor gummies at Craft Greenery Cannabis. Our selection of cannabis-infused edibles is designed to cater to a variety of preferences, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy in our diverse range.

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Type: Hybrid

Scent Category: Confection, Earth

Region: Ontario