Ross’ Gold Black Diamond

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
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TL;DR: Immerse yourself in the premium experience of Black Diamond, an Indica-dominant strain cultivated with meticulous care by Living Cannabis in Armstrong, BC. With its robust flavor profile and enhanced potency, thanks to organic cultivation methods in living soil, Black Diamond offers a truly elevated cannabis experience, perfect for connoisseurs and relaxation seekers alike.

Indulge in the exceptional sensory qualities of Black Diamond by Living Cannabis, now gracing the shelves at Craft Greenery Cannabis. Our collection features a variety of organically grown strains, each delivering a distinct and high-quality cannabis experience, curated with a focus on aroma and taste.

Recommended Activity: Embrace the calming effects of Black Diamond for a relaxed and sociable evening. Whether unwinding with friends or enjoying solo time, let the smooth draw and potent THC content of Black Diamond enhance your cannabis journey, as its rich flavor and aroma envelop your senses in pure indulgence.

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Ross’ Gold Black Diamond
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Type: Indica-Dominant