King Palm Electric Grinder

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Standard, manual herb grinders are a dime a dozen, looking for something with more power, the King Palm Electric Grinder is a great choice. It is a handheld device that doesn’t take up much room, but does its job flawlessly. It even includes a backup glass jar in case the original breaks, and can be used to store ground weed or nugs that need to be ground.
Load a half gram of herb into the glass jar and screw the black piece on top. Click the button 5x to turn it on, and flip the device upside down. Press the button once and the blades will spin, chopping up the pieces. Press the button again to stop the blades. A chunky grind is better for packing King Palms, and a finer grind is better for dry herb vaporizers.
ELECTRIC | The King Palm Electric Grinder takes all the effort out of grinding up weed. The blades do the work, and the device can be recharged with the included micro USB charger.
PORTABLE | The electric grinder is made up of a base and a glass jar. The base is small and can fit in the palm of a hand, and even with the jar attached, the device is still lightweight and portable.
GLASS JAR | A glass jar is used to hold the nugs while they are being ground by the blades. Each box also includes a backup jar that can be used for storage.
ACCESSIBLE | The electric grinder is a great option for users who have weak grip strength and have difficulty turning standard grinders. There is no grip or turning required!

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King Palm Electric Grinder