High Fidelity Rainbow Driver Diamonds & Sauce

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
Region:Kootenay Boundary
Scent Category:Floral, Fuel

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Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver is excited to present a new take on a beloved classic – Rainbow Driver – now transformed into an exquisite Solventless Diamonds & Sauce by High Fidelity. This innovative extract is a testament to the evolution of cannabis consumption, offering a sophisticated and customizable experience.

The creation of this extract involves a meticulous process where live rosin is deconstructed into its fundamental elements: THCa, which forms the diamonds, and a terpene-rich sauce that captures the essence of the Rainbow Driver strain. This method ensures that the vibrant flavors and aromas of the original genetic are preserved and intensified in the sauce, while the diamonds offer a potent and pure THC experience.

What makes this Diamonds & Sauce truly special is the control it provides users. You can tailor your experience by adjusting the balance between the potency of the diamonds and the rich, flavorful terp sauce, allowing for a personalized session, whether you prefer dabbing, or enhancing the pleasure of your joint or bowl.

For optimal enjoyment and to maintain its high quality, it’s recommended to store the Diamonds & Sauce in the fridge and bring it to room temperature before use. This ensures the perfect consistency and preserves the terpenes’ integrity.

High Fidelity’s Rainbow Driver Solventless Diamonds & Sauce, now available at Craft Greenery Cannabis, offers a unique way to experience cannabis. It’s a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and versatility, aligning with our commitment to providing value and a rich, scent-forward cannabis experience to our discerning customers.

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High Fidelity Rainbow Driver Diamonds & Sauce
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Type: Indica-Dominant

Scent Category: Floral, Fuel

Region: Kootenay Boundary