Boxhot 1000mg Retro Rainbow Burst Prefilled Vape Cart

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TL;DR: Experience a flavorful blast with BOXHOT RETRO’s Rainbow Burst vape. This 1.2g, 510-threaded vape delivers 1000mg of THC and a tangy fruit infusion of cherry, grape, and lime for a vibrant vaping experience. Perfect for creative and social activities.

BOXHOT RETRO presents Rainbow Burst, a 1.2g, 510-threaded vape cartridge packed with a colossal 1000mg of THC. This potent vape features some of the purest cannabis distillate available on the market, ensuring a clean and powerful experience. The Rainbow Burst vape offers a tangy fruit infusion, blending the delightful flavors of cherry, grape, and lime, creating a colorful explosion of taste that will blow you away.

Recommended Activities: Ideal for social gatherings and creative endeavors, Rainbow Burst is perfect for sparking conversations at a party, fueling artistic projects, or enjoying a lively night out with friends. Its vibrant flavors and potent effects make it an excellent choice for any uplifting and engaging activity.

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Boxhot 1000mg Retro Rainbow Burst Prefilled Vape Cart