Bold Orange Crush

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Craving a burst of citrus? Orange Crush delivers a vibrant mix of orange and sweet citrus flavors with a touch of diesel. Perfect for energizing your day and boosting productivity.

Looking to elevate your senses with a citrus explosion? Orange Crush is your answer. This sativa-dominant cultivar, a cross between California Orange and Blueberry, offers dense, sticky buds bursting with the aroma of orange, sweet citrus, and diesel. The top terpenes—Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene—add to its distinctive character and uplifting high. Grown by BOLD Craft Cannabis, these buds are indoor grown, small batch, hang-dried, slow cured, and hand trimmed for premium quality.

Recommended Activities:
Orange Crush is perfect for sparking creativity and energizing your mood. Ideal for morning yoga sessions, brainstorming new ideas, or enjoying a sunny walk in the park. Let the zest of Orange Crush inspire your day and fuel your creative side.

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Bold Orange Crush