1964 Heavy Hitter Flower & Lebanese Hash Infused Pre-roll

Strain Type:Indica-Dominant
Region:Greater Vancouver
Scent Category:Earth, Fuel


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Experience the formidable combination of flower and hash with the Heavy Hitter Flower and Lebanese Hash Infused Pre-roll, a standout offering by 1974 brand, owned by Rubicon, now available at Craft Greenery Cannabis in East Vancouver. This pre-roll is crafted for those who seek a powerful and enriched smoking experience.

The Heavy Hitter Pre-roll is a harmonious blend of high-potency Lebanese Hash and some of our most popular organic flowers. This combination creates a smoking experience that is both intensely potent and remarkably smooth, catering to the preferences of experienced cannabis users.

The infusion of Lebanese Hash elevates the potency of the pre-roll, adding depth to the flavor and amplifying the overall effects. The organic flowers selected for this blend are known for their quality and robust profile, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable smoke.

Each Heavy Hitter Pre-roll is meticulously crafted, ensuring a consistent and even burn. This makes it ideal for those moments when you desire a more intense and indulgent cannabis experience.

Discover the potent blend of flower and hash in the Heavy Hitter Pre-roll by 1974 at Craft Greenery Cannabis. Our selection of pre-rolls includes a variety of options, ensuring a premium and diverse smoking experience for every cannabis enthusiast.

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1964 Heavy Hitter Flower & Lebanese Hash Infused Pre-roll

Type: Indica-Dominant

Scent Category: Earth, Fuel

Region: Greater Vancouver